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Display and share high-fidelity 3D models of any size, cross-platform, to any device.




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seamlessly stream large and detailed 3D models

High performance with high fidelity

Display massive 3D models with ease on the web, even those with millions of polygons. With Polygon Streaming, only the visible sections are streamed — sharp details for what's near the viewer and reduced resolution for distant parts. The result? A dramatic cut in processing power demands, leading to significant cloud-based cost savings and a smoother user experience.
Low-poly Motorcycle
20,000 Polygons
High-poly Motorcycle
2,000,000 Polygons

3D streaming without limits

Today's virtual spaces and XR experiences face limitations, often confined to models with just thousands of polygons, compromising the richness of virtual immersion. With Polygon Streaming, these barriers are a thing of the past. Efficiently render expansive 3D models even on basic devices. Benefit from widespread platform compatibility and sidestep the exhaustive process of manual optimizations, preserving time and resources.
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Freedom to create expansive environments

Polygon Streaming redefines the boundaries of spatial experience design. Now, creators can enrich their scenes with intricate details and countless elements, paving the way for deeply captivating immersive experiences.

Redefining 3D experiences

Stream Depth, Quicker Response

Access authentic polygon data straight from a streamlined CPU-based cloud, a departure from traditional 2D video streams via GPU-based clouds. This approach promotes rapid interactions, reduced latency, and preserves optimal visual clarity.

Adaptive 3D experiences

Our cutting-edge technology allows creators to tailor 3D experiences to their objectives. A variety of technical parameters can be edited by developers, and it includes the possibility of offering an adaptive experience, in which the data dynamically adjusts to different bandwidths, processing power and devices.

LOD optimization + Occlusion culling

Show only what’s in the viewer's line of sight, eliminating costly data transfers. Dive into limitless realms and witness intricate details come alive. Adaptive levels of detail (LOD) provide the finest visuals contingent on the user's location and viewing angle.

Device agnostic

Stream any 3D content, regardless of its size or polycount, to any platform or device. Effortlessly convert your data in the cloud and, using a straightforward URL, broadcast it everywhere – from websites to game engines and XR platforms. Easily connect with plugins and integrations for PlayCanvas, Unity, and Unreal.

What sets us apart?

Let's compare a 3D model boasting 10 million polygons on a VR headset:

Without Polygon Streaming

Cloud-based XR experiences often stumble with vast 3D models, hindered by file size constraints. And when these models are loaded directly onto devices, performance suffers. This is because the device grapples with rendering the entire model simultaneously, resulting in significant processing demands.

With Polygon Streaming

Large 3D models can now grace the web without compromising performance. By intelligently streaming only the portions of the model in the viewer's line of sight, and by optimizing resolution based on proximity, Polygon Streaming markedly reduces processing demands for a fluid, high-detail experience.

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Use cases across industries

Digital Twins
Craft precise, high-fidelity 3D models by prioritizing polygon data streaming over traditional pixel streaming.
Spatial Experience
Bid farewell to low-poly, subpar models and environments. With Polygon Streaming, creators can craft immersive experiences unconstrained by polygon counts or file size limitations.
Optimize game development resources. Seamlessly integrate our SDK and API to harness the power of Polygon Streaming technology, elevating gameplay experiences.
Enhance marketing and sales efforts with interactive, high-quality 3D model displays across platforms – from web and desktop to mobile, and even on AR or VR headsets.
Design and Architecture
Whether it's digital assets or intricate scans, upload 3D models of any magnitude or detail effortlessly. Say goodbye to laborious manual optimization and aggressive data compression.

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