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The VIVERSE for Business solutions team are your reliable partner that work closely with your organization to build your own environment.

With custom scenes and branding, we integrate your needs into Modular Functional Blocks to rapidly assemble your own virtual workplace.

VIVERSE for Business is designed to be easy to integrate, deploy and manage.

Scale Up and Connect your global personnel as one team anytime, anywhere. Save the time and cost of long-haul travel. No longer be limited by your physical location. Align with all your staff and partners under one roof.

VIVERSE for Business brings lifelike avatars for your staff and partners to bring their true-to-life presences into the workplace in the Metaverse: collaborate with your global colleagues and vendors through integrated productivity and social features. Engage and Interact with your partners, customers and the wider community as if you were in your own headquarters.

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The Future Of Work

VIVERSE for Business is ready to shape your business into the age of the Metaverse

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