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VIVERSE for Business unlocks the potential of spatial collaboration for your organisation. Create a fully customised 3D virtual space and review highly detailed 3D models using any device. This approach improves meeting communication, enhances collaboration interactivity, and offers endless possibilities for business growth.

Say goodbye to the limitations of 2D video conferencing. VIVERSE for Business provides lifelike avatars, calm surroundings for AI-powered productivity tools and multi-device support including VR, PC and mobile, that allow for a deeper level of interaction and engagement among employees, partners, or clients.
High-fidelity 3D assets powered by Polygon Streaming
Thanks to Polygon Streaming technology in VIVERSE, collaborating on detailed 3D assets has never been easier. Create a 3D asset once and stream it in full detail to any platform and any device.

Efficient processing and real-time rendering let you view massive 3D models with ease, making design review sessions effortless. Moreover, Polygon Streaming can be used beyond single model viewing, but power the whole space for expansive environments.
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Robust Security and Enterprise Integrations
Data security is a top priority, that’s why we provide Microsoft Single Sign-On and have gone through stringent ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 compliance meeting the highest cybersecurity standards.
Additionally, VIVERSE for Business can integrate seamlessly with your existing enterprise systems thanks to its API, allowing support for both proprietary and third-party apps, ERP, CRM, and e-commerce solutions.
Fully customized 3D virtual spaces
With VIVERSE for Business, we make your space your own. Using a modular system allows you to create your own 3D spatial environment that aligns with your company brand, offering design-ready layouts, branded visuals and videos to create a variety of unique spaces.
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